Enerzal Orange 50 Gm

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"Contains Five Vital Electrolytes for Rehydration & Replenishment, No Artificial Sweetner, No Fizz, No Caffine"

"Enerzal Balanced Energy Drink Powder contains carbohydrates, and electrolytes as the key ingredient. The balanced energy drink is available in orange and lime flavour and it helps to replenish the lost body salts during the day to day activities. Key benefits/uses of Energal: - Intake helps to replenish back the lost salts - Helps in maintaining the salt balance in the body - Prevents dehydration when taken with water - Provide Instant and sustained energy - Contains 5 vital electrolytes - Helps you recover faster, work longer and perform better. - Free from caffeine and preservative."

"Electrolytes, Instant & Sustained Energy, Rehydration, Replenish"

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