Frequently Asked Quetsion about Enerzal

Enerzal can be used every day as a healthy hydration drink and to replenish the lost energy & electrolytes during excessive sweating. It can be used anytime when the energy levels are low.

Enerzal can be used by all age groups and people from all walks of life; from children to elderly, home makers to working women, college students to corporate professionals & sports enthusiasts, etc.

- Enerzal Powder 3 servings 15g in 200ml bottle

- Enerzal RTD 1 serving

- Enerzal tetra pack 2 serving

Yes, Enerzal is completely safe for children.

Enerzal is available in both powder and ready to drink form.

- In powder form, it is available in 15g, 50g, 100g, 500g and 1kg pack.

- In ready to drink form, it is available in 200ml, 400ml & 500ml pack.

For regular hydration zero calorie drink Enerzal Zero is best suited for desired person with diabetics.
- Other energy drink contains high amount of sugar, thus it is not isotonic. Apart from Calcium, other Energy Drink does not contain any other electrolyte essential to prevent dehydration and associated symptoms. - Enerzal is a balanced energy drink with the right balance of Carbohydrates and 5 vital electrolytes which helps to prevent dehydration and keeps us energetic throughout the day. Enerzal is isotonic which makes is easier to be absorbed & retained by the body.
- To prevent dehydration and symptoms associated with it, we need all vital body salts. Other Hydration Drink comprises of only Sodium and has no other electrolyte. - Enerzal is a balanced energy drink with the right balance of Carbohydrates i.e. Glucose and Sucrose. Thus it provides instant as well as sustained energy. It also comprises of 5 vital electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Chloride) which helps to prevent dehydration and keeps us energetic throughout the day.

- Enerzal 29 kcal/100ml

- Enerzal ZERO : 0 kcal

- Enerzal powder is available in Orange and Lime flavor. - Enerzal ready to drink is available in Apple, Orange & Tangy flavor.

Enerzal is readily available in the retail and chemist stores. You can also order Enerzal online by clicking on www.enerzal.com or by visiting the ‘Enerzal store’ on https://www.amazon.in/ or https://www.flipkart.com/

Enerzal contains sugar in the form of Glucose and Sucrose. Glucose provides instant energy while Sucrose is required for sustained energy. Enerzal is isotonic in nature i.e. the composition of Enerzal is similar to that of body fluids which helps in better absorption and retention of fluids by the body.
Enerzal has the right balance of Carbohydrates (7%)which metabolizes into Glucose & Sucrose. Carbohydrates are important to meet the energy needs of our body for performing physical activities. Low levels of carbohydrates results in progressive weakness, exhaustion of glycogen stores, overtraining syndrome, and catabolism (use of muscle protein for fuel). Inadequate carbohydrate stores can also result in fatigue, reduced training ability, impaired performance and reduced immune system function, which can impact recovery. Hence, it is important to drink a balanced energy drink with adequate amount of Carbohydrates to help you achieve your ultimate potential.

- Enerzal contains sugar but in a balanced form of Glucose and Sucrose (7%). This right balance of Carbohydrates help the body to absorb and retain fluids in a better way & improve performance.

- It is adequate to replenish the energy lost through sweat and does not get converted to fat. Hence, it does not cause weight gain if it’s consumed balancing your activities.

- Enerzal provides only 58kal/200ml which makes its suitable to consume as a balanced energy drink without increasing weight. We also have zero sugar, zero calorie electrolyte drink Enerzal Zero, in case you are obese & want to avoid calories its ideal for you.

Hydration guidelines for children


Boys and girls





Age group

4 to 8 years

9 to 13 years

9 to 13 years

14 years+

14 years+

Amount of fluid from drinks and food (litres/day)






Amount of fluid from drinks only (litres/day)






  • During pregnancy it is important to have a balanced diet containing adequate amounts of fluid.
  • Adequate hydration is particularly important during and after pregnancy to help meet the physiological changes that occur during these important phases of the life-cycle.
  • European Food Safety Authority recommends the water requirements for women:


EFSA (2010)


Total water (foods + beverages)

Recommended intake women (ml/day)


2000 (2 litres)


+300 (0.3 litres)


+700 (0.7 litres)

  • Kick start your day with a glass of water and drink water while you commute to work.
  • Carry a bottle of water in your bag to have easy access to water when in need.
  • Track how much water you are drinking throughout the day.
  • Carry a bottle of Enerzal, helps you stay hydrated and energetic during long hours of work.
  • Urine colour is a useful indicator to monitor hydration status.
  • If you are feeling tired, have a headache or are experiencing any other signs of dehydration, try having a glass of water, as a first step.
What is your pee telling you?
Check signs of dehydration
  • Sip water in small amounts before, during and after exercise.
  • Water helps rehydrating you adequately for doing light exercises such as, recreational swimming, golf and walking, and for any physical activity lasting less than 1 hour.
  • Track how much water you are drinking throughout the day.
  • Replenish fluids (water + salts) regularly especially when sweat rates are high and/or exercising in warm environments.
  • Pack a bottle of Enerzal with the rest of your sports gear.
  • Sports drinks may be beneficial for those undertaking regular high-intensity training and performance exercise lasting for more than 1 hour.
Why choose Enerzal?

Enerzal is better absorbed as the Osmlarity is like that of body fluids. The high sugar content in commonly consumed drinks leads to dehydration.

  • Once body temperature rises to 102 degree Celsius due to fever the body loosed insensible fluid & electrolyte loss is upto 1500ml.(Respiration, perspiration, sweating, increased body metabolism, Skin, Lung, urine & stool). You need to drink according to the following chart. (Attached)
  • During winters, our thirst response centres are diminished by 40%. Increased intake of caffeinated like tea, coffee makes us vulnerable to dehydration. Unlike in summers where we usually feel more thirsty & tangible sweat loss work as alarm. In winters you need to proactively rehydrate yourself with around 8 glass (1500ml – 1600ml) of water & electrolyte drink throughout the day in order to remain well hydrated