About Enerzal

Make up for the lost energy and gear up for day-to-day activities with Enerzal.


Energy and body salts lost during day-to-day activities are replaced by drinking Enerzal, a balanced energy drink.

Enerzal offers instant and sustained energy along with vital salts. This helps you recover faster, work longer and perform better.

Drinking Enerzal before, during and after your day-to-day activities, helps you to maintain optimum energy levels at all times.

Enerzal is useful for people of all age groups especially for those:

  • Tired due to work, walking, driving, traveling, heat etc.
  • Involved in sports and fitness activity
  • Who want to prevent hangover and jet lag
  • Recovering from fever, chronic illness and surgery


Every person loses energy during their day-to-day activity.

Enerzal offers glucose that provides instant energy and sucrose that provides sustained energy.

Enerzal has an osmolarity (is a measure of solid particles in solution) which is close to that of blood (300 mOsmol per-litre) – Isotonic*.

This helps in faster absorption of fluid when compared to other energy and sports drinks.

*Isotonic solution refers to a solution having the same osmotic pressure as some other solution, especially one in a cell or a body fluid.
mOsmol – milliosmole


Every person loses vital body salts due to sweat and urination.

Enerzal replaces vital body salts whose functions are as follows: